Studio Equipment

Computer Hardware
Pro Tools PC Rack mount windows Server (32gb, 3tb)
Three super wide Screens on one server

Control and vocal room levels monitor
Additional screen for Vienna Ensemble Pro server
Windows 7, dual quad core, 32gb 2TB ( dedicated strings server / studio workhorse )
Synology Rackspace 6TB raid

Powered Cards
Universal Audio Solo (UAD 2) DSP Accelerator Card
Universal Audio Solo (UAD 2) DSP Accelerator Card
Universal Audio Quad (UAD 2) DSP Accelerator Card

Studio Monitors
Adam P11
Alesis Elevate 5


Elac Passive speakers

Avantone Cube

SE Electronics Gemini III Limited Edition Dual Tube Microphone
SE Electronics Z5600 Tube Microphone
Neuman TLM 102

Audio Interfaces
RME Fireface 802 (Firewire Audio Interface)


Outboard Hardware

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur - Creme

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur - EQP-1

Lexicon PCM - 92 - Classic reverb

SSL Fusion

Kush Clariphonic MS

Klark Technik EQP-K1  * 2

ART Digital MPA 2 Preamp

Mackie MCU pro + 2 Extenders

Ipad + Remote Pro Tools Controller

Other Hardware

Yamaha MG12 Mixing Desk
Roland FP7  Digital Piano
Behringer Powerplay Pro XL headphone amplifier
Behringer A500 reference amplifier
Presonus Tube Pre Mic Preamp
Korg M1
Alesis D4
Alesis Quadreverb
Adam P11 studio Monitors

Fame a-200 Reference Amp
Lexicon MX300
MX225 Distribution Amp
Ebtech 8 Chnl Hum Eliminator
Mackie Controller Pro

Accoustic Guitat

5 string Banjo

Various toms, shakers and percussion