Here at Mixed Up Studios I strive to create a fun, relaxed and creative environment. There is a separate vocal room here, which has been acoustically treated with various acoustic wall hangings and raised floors, and is very quiet.

Song Preparation - Backing Tracks
It takes time to prepare the backing track or project for you to record on, and it is never really possible to create a backing track from scratch and record all in one day. So it can take a few sessions to make a track from scratch. If you have a pre made backing track then email this a few days ahead of your recording session so your Pro Tools project can be created in time. There are thousands of backing tracks available online (eg, but these can sometimes be a little karaoke sounding, so I tend to download the equivalent midi file, and use the studio plug in instruments instead, as these can sound much better. (and its more fun doing it that way). An example of a converted midi file can be found in the audio section.

When you come to the studio, make sure you are well rehearsed with whatever you are recording, have your lyrics with you, and are not overly tired. Tired singers don't record well. Don't worry too much about backing vocals etc, we'll work them out on the day. There are a selection of good quality microphones here.

I am always looking to get involved in writing and recording projects, so where there is a co-write, this is usually a 50/50 split on any royalties,

should the track get released. You could also be a featured artist on a

studio release if it's good enough.

I always greatly appreciate any feedback you may have about your recording session. This helps new artists have confidence with an unfamiliar studio that they maybe thinking about using, and helps me improve the studio for the future.