Pricing - Unsigned artists
I strongly support unsigned artists, and love just making music. This is what I spend most of my time on. So if you're dedicated, talented, serious about recording and easy to get along with I'll maybe do your track for free, depending on how busy the studio is.

All projects are taken on a case by case basis.

Bigger projects will need to be discussed. Please enquire.

Featured Artists
There is an ongoing project to get the studio name out there into You Tube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc featuring featured artists. Eg Mixed Up Studios featuring you. This is mainly used for dance / pop tracks where there is a co-write, and will only be released if it makes the grade. A few tracks will be released soon. Any royalties from these releases will be split between the studio and the artist.

Company advertising recording, radio voice overs, jingles etc and signed acts. Please contact for a quote. Very reasonable rates available.