Control Room

Although the studio has Cubase 6.5, and Logic 10, all recordings are done in Pro-Tools 12 using a dedicated Pro-Tools rack mount server. The studio recently upgraded to this hardware and software from Apple Mac Pro / Cubase 6.5  system, and it has proved to be far more reliable and powerful with much better results. The Apple cinema displays were also changed to super wide screens to give even more workspace (and they threw out a lot less heat).

The studio also has an additional powerful PC running Vienna Ensemble Pro. This is a very useful piece of software that allows all of the process hungry plug-in virtual instruments to run on a separate computer leaving the main Pro-Tools server to concentrate on vocal tracks. Virtual instruments on this machine include Hollywood Strings, Appassionata Strings, Steinberg's The Grand (great pianos), and the huge 64GB Omnisphere  (great for dance music). These are controlled on a separate screen and sub mixer with various channels being sent back to the main mix.

The Pro-Tools server is also equipped with 2 single and 1 Quad Universal Audio hardware cards,  with a vast array of UAD plugins ranging from Neve desk emulation to Fairlight compressors.These help to give your tracks a warm analogue, non digital feel if required.

A lexicon MX300 effects unit provides reverb back to the singer, and we are currently using Golden Age Projects PRE-73 preamp. We do not use the Pro-Tools headphone monitoring facility. All headphone monitoring is done outside the system, so there is NO LATENCY when recording. An RME fireface 800 audio interface connects the microphone (via the mic pre) to the server and also controls the various studio levels (mix to headphones, mic to headphones etc, producer to headphones) on a separate mixer.

The control room also contains a fully weighted keys digital piano, connected to the system, and also has air conditioning if it gets too warm.

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